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What an amazing weekend of racing at the 9 Dragons! Thank you so much for organising one of the best races ever and certainly the toughest in Hong Kong. It had everything. The racing was sensational on both days, the organisation and check point support were fabulous, and the atmosphere at the start and finish was just brilliant.
- Mo Devlin (50km)
What a magical day! Thanks for organizing such a good race with brutal courses 50/50 and tight cutoff! Thank you so much all volunteers for great help. Great atmosphere!
- Jacky Leung (50/50)
I just wanted to write to you and say WOW, what an epic race. It was more than a race. It was a challenge and an adventure! Anyway, just wanted to say a huge congrats. It was amazing. Definitely the toughest race in Hong Kong by some margin. And still a lot of fun as far as I was concerned. Well done for making it such a success. 
- Janine Canham (50/50)
The organisers made everyone read a comprehensive 56 pages of race briefings, and then stood up at the start area to brief some more. Then on the race, despite my getting into the CPs tired and a bit drained, the CP volunteers just had to smile and make me eat and drink. Way too cheerful. The course and the views were so good I had to stop frequently for photos, the whole way. And by the point I reached the finish line, I just wanted to go home, but someone had to shove a medal and a Gweilo beer in my face. Beer!! All in all, pretty awesome!! 
- Oscar (50M)
Took part in the 50k race. Great course & markings, clear pre-race communication, very well organised event, and genuine camaraderie amongst runners. Very enjoyable but suitably challenging event, can't wait for next year! 
- James Hodson (50km)
The team at RaceBase aimed high with a back-to-back 50/50 plus all the extra-curricula activities too. Sure, it was not without a few hiccups but overall was an amazing weekend of rugged trails, wonderful atmosphere and great racing. This race is tough and not for everyone, but a really fun challenge. Two thumbs up! 
- John Ellis (50/50)